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We all know the daily struggle of mascara! It bleeds, it falls, it flakes. We spend so much time getting ready for our day, only to look beat and tired by the end of it, or sometimes even half way through. Our goal is for every person to feel comfortable and confident in their skin! Forget the hassle of re-applying make-up, and with the modern approach of Eyelash Extensions this is now possible. If you are in need of a mid-day pick me up, we can provide you with a quick facial directly before your lash service. Experiencing lash extensions gives women, the confidence they need to get up and go! In today's modern world, anything to make life more convenient is sure to help. Lash Boutique Spa also caters to men, where they too can experience our facials, or hair removal services. Our services are topped with a calm touch, speed and precision, leaving you refreshed and ready to take on the rest of your day!


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